Art is a form of expressing yourself. Arts have been practised for ages now that requires a lot of skill and dedication.  Performing arts is considered to apply to various fields like dance, music, theatre and drama. There are many institutes and organizations from local to international that train potential artists to excel in their career. This requires an essential skillset that is mostly trained and nurtured during these courses or classes.


There goes a famous saying ‘Confidence is key’. The same applies to the field of arts as well. As a singer, dancer, actor or musician, often you have to perform in front of a large group of audience or front of thousands of professionals. This invites judgment from critics and the common man. It can be a nerve-wracking experience. However, if you’re confident enough to face them all like a boss, and then you’ve already accomplished half of your journey. If you find yourself having panic attacks or nervousness, you can always join classes to overcome the same.

Performance Skills

Whatever field that you’re auditioning for, to build a career in that field, it is mandatory to have necessary skills in that field. It is a competitive world and people are waiting for an opportunity like owls. Make sure you suit the category you’re applying for and give it your best shot. Without having talent in that field, it is nearly impossible to excel.

Performance Skills

Self Marketing

With drastic competition in the industry of arts, self-marketing is a necessity, especially if you’re a beginner. You need to make your presence essential and make people acknowledge your existence. Just like how you see people selling themselves in an interview for a job, in the same way, you need to market yourself to show you’re the best.

Quick Learning capability

Depending on the field, you wish to work in. There has to be a good rapport with the adaptability. Many times you’ll have to change over to a scene or music or change of costume within minutes or hours. If you’re not adapting to the fast pace environment, then the chances of surviving in the industry are very slim.

Time Management

This is especially difficult to maintain in the beginning phases. You’ll have to audition in a different place, attend classes and also juggle between scenes and job. Without appropriate time management and organizational skills, you will not be able to pull it off. Time management is as vital as knowing the field you’re looking forward to work.

Team player

Maintaining people and working with individuals from different fields is a form of skill that goes without saying is essential. There is the involvement of a lot of individuals, directors, camera, co -dancers or actors. You have to deal and work with everyone as a team, to put out a great show or work.

Team player


This works in two ways- sometimes the artists need to be okay with performing roles that are out of their comfort zone and need to get adapted to that kind of performances. The second one is you many face criticism often, from people who are trying to pull you down, especially if you’re doing better. In such cases, it is essential to keep your head high and have an open mind to situations.